November 18th, 2021

Hey crew, it's been a while. I've been working on something new and have been waiting for it to get to the point where I can show it and know that I'll finish it in a reasonable time from first talking about it. Over the past year or so, I've been challenging myself with mini, weeklong programming projects. I made a town generator, a murder mystery generator, a clothing system and a bunch of other procgen generators.

At some point, I decided to turn these projects into one giant game. It'll be called 'Many, Many Times in the West' and I'm so psyched I can give you updates on my progress every week starting now. A big complaint with modern RPGS is that the player always feels like the big hero guy. In MMTitW (maybe not the best acronym), the player can do almost anything an NPC can do, and NPC's can do almost anything the player can do.

The idea here is to create a simulation with lots of possibilities for emergent gameplay, and then just let the player explore it however they want. I hope the process of exploring the simulation is actually interesting, and I'm kind of banking on it being fun before really knowing it is. Even if the emergent gameplay is lame, I'm putting a lot of effort into the combat and feedback to make sure that it feels fun, totally isolated from the rest of the game.

I have a final list of big systems I'm going through one by one and not adding scope (at least pre-launch). In these updates, I'm planning on showing the last thing on the list I've done, and letting you know what's up next.

I just finished up player-to-NPC dialogue. The player can talk to NPCs by walking up and picking a dialogue option from a menu. The dialogue options change with different types of context (player stats, events, locations, missions, etc.), and that changes the NPC's response.

Next up is an interior generator to make the interiors of buildings appear different almost every time. The plan is to have different types of buildings have different types of furniture and objects. The sprites for these objects can be a range of colors and textures, so the world will feel dynamic and different.

I'm hoping to share info on a weekly basis. I don't want to commit to a particular day but I think giving an update towards the end of the week works. It's 11:15 PM on Sunday right now, so that works. Expect screenshots soon.
- Carson