November 29th, 2021

These past few days have been a little rough for me, but I managed to get one of the most diffuclt systems so far working (almost) flawlessly.

Buildings are now persistent and it works. This was a huge challenge I'd been putting off to work on audio, screenshake and other fun stuff. Every time you enter a building you haven't previously been to, a brand new interior generates. That interior is saved in a way that hopefully doesn't cause leaks. If it does, I'm screwed because I have no idea why.

I'm hoping to have a small build called cops n' robbers up soon, which will be a vertical slice of the way I want the world to live and breathe. There'll be cops, there'll be robbers, and there will a be a bank. Whatever happens, happens, and you are just a character in a procedural world that generates as you play.

My next step is to update the AI code to work with the new building system so that they can read the data from it to determine what kind of building they're going to, away from or in. They can use this info in a dialouge system I already have. I hope to share some screenshots and more info soon. I've never had any doubt that I will finish this entire game in a decent amount of time.

- Carson