Our Crew

Here's a list of all of the people who have worked with ghostwhale in our lab.

Carson Stacy

Carson Stacy is the head of production at ghostwhale
He led the production of Dumb Dojo and is making X-O-N-G by himself. He's also working on our next project, but can't say anything about it.

Cameron McCourt

Cameron McCourt is an artist on our next project (which will be ready very soon) and assists in production of things.

Sean Pat Coleman

Sean Pat Coleman is a programmer and 3-D artist, currently building our engine and working on the project we can't talk about yet.

Other contractors and friends!

Dumb Dojo, X-O-N-G and our secret projects wouldn't be possible without the following contractors and friends.

We can't thank these people enough.

Alyssa Menes wrote and recorded the absurdly catchy Dumb Dojo theme song!

Adam Wennick and Andrew Wallace are the announcers in Dumb Dojo

Mystborn, Pixalated Pope & Sean Spaulding helped out with debugging Dumb Dojo

Evolbug did the character art for Dumb Dojo